Thursday, August 28, 2008

Poetry: Sitting Bull Thinks Tesla was Wright

You have misunderstood my statement.
You have twisted my assertion.
Mr. Tesla, you wound these words and made theman electric slide rule,
to measure my progressat healing these ancient wounds.
My scars are approximately 100 watts wideand two inches long,
spanning the scale model Brooklyn Bridge I constructedto connect this to that.
But this is now, and that was years ago,
and Science has yet to fillthe canyon between present and past.
I have put my faith in architecture instead,because it covers cowardice with columns,
cloaks bitterness with buttresses,
and lets us forget about the terror we saw
that night on h*** owned ground
for buried braves and sorrowful squaw.
"Yes, this was an Indian cemetery Nikola,
but if the natives get restless
you may take comfort in the 'isms' that have conquered them.
"I never mean to say what I intend,
but I intend to mean what I say.

Austin Emerson Carter


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